About Laura

Laura Shigihara is a Music Singer/Songwriter and is also developing her own video game is her spare time called Melolune. She is half Japanese and currently resides in the US. Laura Shigihara currently has 3 albums and 4 singles that are available on bandcamp. The full list of Laura Shigahira's Albums are below


Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a tower defense game developed by PopCap. Laura Shigahara composed all of the music in the game and is also the voice for the sunflower. The Album for Plants Vs Zombies is available on Laura's Bandcamp page.







Melolune is an RPG which Laura Shigihara is currently making.

Albums and Singles

Cube Land cover artCube Land
Nov 2011
Celestial Beings cover artCelestial Beings
Sep 2011
Want You Gone (cover) cover artWant You Gone (cover)
May 2011
Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack cover artPlants vs. Zombies Soundtrack
Nov 2010
Blood Elf Druids cover artBlood Elf Druids
Oct 2010
Melolune: Original Soundtrack Part 1 cover artMelolune: Original Soundtrack Part 1
Sep 2010
My Blue Dream + cover artMy Blue Dream +
Jul 2004

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